RMS Media

I sailed to New York on the little Cunard liner “MEDIA” with Captain John Treasure-Jones as captain ( it was his first command of a passenger liner).
He had invited me to be at his table for the voyage with ten other picked passengers, in those days to eat at the captains table was an honor & it was your table for dinner every night, on the penultimate night of the voyage, there was the gala dinner & every one at the table was asked what they would especially like to have for dinner, & my course to pick was the pudding, so I asked for baked alaska ( Id never had one) & sure enough, at the end of the meal, the lights were turned off, & in came the chef with stewards in white goves, holding aloft flaming swans of icecream covered in merangue, it would never happen today with all the safety laws preventing open fires within a ships room, but it was spectacular & unforgettable at the time.
I was also invited to be on the bridge as we entered New York harbour, another great honor, & as we passed the french liner “Ile de France” outward bound, we saluted each other, the captain asked me to press the button to sound our horn in salute, it was all too fabulous for me to take in at the time, I was in my early twenties & this was fantasytime come true for me. on the bridge of a Cunarder sailing into Manhattan, & saluting the famous “Ile de France”.