RMS Canberra


She was the only ship that I ever knew all of her life, I watched her being built. I was at her launching, standing under the bulbous bow as the broken glass and Champagne cascaded down after having been named by Dame Pattie Menzies, wife of the then prime minister of Australia,…

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Niew Amsterdam


Niew Amsterdam was the flagship for Holland America Line in the late 1930s. She was a ship of state for Holland & was named by Queen Wilhelmena in 1937 and dubbed the ship of peace. The Netherlands were declaring neutrality in the years leading up to the second world war. However they…

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RMS Iberia

IBERIA off  The Needles  1955

I watched IBERIA being built in Befast by Harland & Wolff in the 1950s & a few years later I sailed on her for a short cruise. She was the sister-ship to ARCADIA & was never as popular or as successful as her sister, they were identical apart from their funnel…

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RMS Camito


I sailed on a little Fyffes banana boat to Jamaica, “Camito” with 75 passengers. It was a rough sea after leaving England & I was sea-sick for 4 days before we calmed down & then we went into the Caribbean & it was heaven with movies being shown on a…

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President Polk

presindent polk

I was on an American container-ship “President Polk” sailing from Hong Kong to Singapore with 12 passengers & it went on fire off the coast of Vietnam in the middle of the night. The war was on at the time & an American aircraft carrier came to our aid in case…

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QE2_queen el w

I was on the QE2 trans-Atlantic to New York as a lecturer, when I was invited to the officers wardroom party & was asked to escorted the English movie star/actress Moira Lister. She was then in her 70s & still glamorous, dressed in a vivid red figure hugging evening gown…

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RMS Media

RMS Media

I sailed to New York on the little Cunard liner “MEDIA” with Captain John Treasure-Jones as captain ( it was his first command of a passenger liner). He had invited me to be at his table for the voyage with ten other picked passengers, in those days to eat at…

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RMS Pendennis Castle


I sailed from Durban to Capetown on ” PENDENNIS CASTLE”, she was on the mail run from the uk & in those days you could book passage on part of the coastal voyages. I was able to board the ship the night before sailing from Durban, & could invite friends…

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SEA Princess / Victoria


My first ship I worked on as a lecturer was the P&O “SEA PRINCESS” & it all happened by accident. I had writtem my book “Liners in Art” & when it was published I sent copies, as thank you gifts, to those who had helped me with my research or had…

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RMS Queen Mary


I was living in Los Angeles when I learned that the great QUEEN MARY was to be withdrawn from service & her final voyage was to be a grand cruise to Long Beach California, around Cape Horne ( the bigest ship yet, with the most souls ever to round the Horn)….

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