Liners in Art

“Liners in Art” is a coffee table fully illustrated book (220 pages) with 66 paintings of ocean liners compiled and written by Kenneth Vard. The book was published in 1990 by Kingfisher Publication and revised and reprinted by Halsgrove in 2001. The foreword was written by the last Captain of the Queen Mary; John Treasure-Jones.
The book is now out of print but copies can be found online.

“I love books and get great pleasure and knowledges from them. However, I believe that there is one great disadvantage in learning any subject solely from the printed page, and that is their inability to convey that quality which we know as atmosphere. I was lucky to have been able to enjoy being around liners for most of my life, not out of necessity but out of choice, and the great impressions which live with me still are the unforgettable feelings of excitements which clung to them. Their great size and beauty, with the associate sounds and smells, make for a heady cocktail which few books can recreate. Only one medium has, and that medium is art. It is a truism that one picture is worth a thousand words. If that is so with a photograph then it must be a thousand times more so when applied to a painting. An artist interprets what he sees and feels onto a plain surface, in a way that makes it appear alive to those who view it.
These are the reasons that compelled me to write my book.”

Kenneth Vard


Men of iron

NormandieManhattanUnited StatesCanberra









Samples of paintings from “Liners in Art”.

“Men of iron, Shipbuilders”, painting by William Connor.
“TSS Normandie” The French Line, painting by William Muller.
“SS Manhattan”  United states Lines, painting by Albert Brenet.
“RMS Canberra” P&O cruises, painting by Derrick Smoothy.
“SS United States”  United States Lines painting by William Muller.
The cover painting is of ” RMS Mauretania” Cunard Line, painting by Stephen Card.