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Patricia ReadPatricia Read wrote on 3rd June 2015 on 11:11 am:
Oriana Talks.
Thank you so much for your interesting talks on Ocean Liners, as well as enjoying them very much I learned a lot. I think I told you I had seen a video of the building of the Oriana, and would love to have a copy to show my husband. The sight of it sailing across fields was most intriguing. Thank you again, it was lovely to look forward to such interesting talks.
Patricia Read
Tony AgnewTony Agnew from Brisbane wrote on 12th May 2015 on 4:08 am:
It's wonderful to enjoy a glimpse into the great era of the ocean liner with it's technological achievement and sense of awe. Thank you for doing this so eloquently!
I was fortunate to have met you many years ago in Brighton when you were living on a yacht there - and I'm glad to see how you've pursued your love of the sea, and the vessels that travel on it.
Best wishes,
Christopher DoddChristopher Dodd wrote on 2nd May 2015 on 12:14 pm:
Just a brief note to thank you for the informative lectures you gave recently on the Oceana, my mother and I really enjoyed them. While neither of us have had an interest in this subject previously.
Your presentation style had us hooked and we attended each talk you gave. We were actually glad we didn't dock for Rome as it gave us a chance to have another talk from you!
Here's hoping we see you again on another ship some day, and thanks once again.
Kind Regards.
Chris and mother Barbara
Janice CrosfieldJanice Crosfield wrote on 2nd May 2015 on 12:12 pm:
I have just returned from a cruise on P&O Oceana, where I enjoyed all of Mr. Vard's excellent lectures. I wanted to let you know that they were very much appreciated and valued, and it was an honour to be present, and to share your knowledge and experience.
Thank you.
Janice Crosfield
giulianogiuliano from Ravenna wrote on 6th April 2015 on 12:16 am:
I'm really glad for this opportunity, to develop Kenneth Vard's web site is a wonderful experience!
Thanks Mr. Vard
Giuliano Ciabatta