Ken-bioKenneth Vard grew up within the shadows of Harland and Wolffe in Belfast where the building of great ships dominated the life of the city.  The many visits he made as a boy to the ship yards, roaming the vast vessels being created there, established an interest in ships which has been the mainstay of his life ever since.

He studied art history at Woodbury college in Los Angeles in the 1960s and eventually opened a gallery which specialized in marine art and antiques.
His close association with many of our finest painters devoted to recreating the romance of ocean liners led him to believe that this particular art form was greatly underrated, and needed to be brought to the attention of the wider audience.

This prompted him to write a series of articles about liner paintings for magazines which in turn led to the writing of his book ‘Liners in Art’, Lord Llewen, Admiral of the fleet, wrote a glowing review of the book for the ‘Mail on Sunday’ as did the reviewers of Sea Breezes, Belfast Telegraph, Lloyd’s list and many other journals both in the UK and USA.

Apart from his writing, Mr Vard lectures about the vast subject of ocean liners, based on the life, the times and the glamour of the world’s most famous ships, these talks have been presented at Maritime Museums, Bookshops and private clubs on both sides of the Atlantic, he especially enjoys doing his far reaching series of illustrated lectures aboard today’s great ships, including those of P&O Cruises and Cunard.

Kenneth Vard now lives in sight and sound of the sea at Hove in East Sussex, England.